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Championing businesses led by women, the disabled, and educators that give a damn through storytelling AKA copywriting.


  • Are waist-deep in shiny new ideas that didn't get to see the light of day in your business.
  • Want to get rid of the messaging clutter and snap everything into place minus the incoherent drafts.
  • Reach the only people that matter in your businessthe people you want to serve.
  • Want to create impact and not just arbitrary measures of success with your business.
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I get it. Writing your great ideas is no easy feat. But you don't have to wear all the hats in your business!

So let me do the writing instead and get back to what you're actually crazy good at.

Sit back, and let me do my copywriting magic.

Call me Divine.

Chasing every shiny new idea is my fatal flaw.

But I sure as heck can sort out other people's braindumps in a snap. (Blame my neurodiverse brain chemistry for that) I'm what you call a web copywriter and strategist, but I prefer just to be called your "personal braindump organizer".

Writing doesn't have to be overly complicated in your business. You give me your ideas, and I'll wade through it to string the best words to get your message out there in your voice.

Keep on scrolling to see how we can work together!

1. Consultation & Quote

  • Schedule a call or an email (if you're not a fan of calls) with me to talk about project details
  • Expect your quote from me via email after review.

How It Works

2. Proposal Approval & Timeline

  • I'll send a detailed project scope (think: step-by-step process, customizations, or add-ons) and timeline proposal to you
  • After you approve the proposal, we’ll get to work ASAP once you give the downpayment.

3. Implementation & Communication

  • You’ll get live-chat access, and weekly updates on the progress of our project depending on your package of choice
  • Sit back and relax while I do my copywriting magic!

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Done-For-You Full Website Copy

We're crafting the actual storefront of your business here. Expect to have action-inducing copy that leads your audience in every step of the funnel that you need them to be in.
  • Home Page Copy
  • Services/Product Page Copy
  • About Page Copy
  • Contact Page Copy
  • Lead Magnet Opt-in Copy

Timeline: 2 Weeks to 1 Month

    Starts at $1,200

    Individual Landing Pages

    Sales Pages (Starts at $799)

    One of the most crucial pages you'll ever have in your website. Here's where ACTUAL sales come in, so I'm cranking this one out for you with a healthy dose of my magic matcha.

    TIMELINE: 1-2 Weeks

    Webinar Funnel (Starts at $497)

    Want to lead your audience from your webinar to your paid program? This one will be to your liking then.

    • Webinar Registration Page
    • Webinar Waitlist Page
    • Webinar Confirmation Page
    • Tripwire Page
    • Webinar Thank You Page
    • Webinar Replay Page

    TIMELINE: 1-2 Weeks

    Lead Magnet Funnel (Starts at $349)

    Think: tripwire pages, lead magnet pages, and everything in between! Consider it written.

    TIMELINE: 1-2 Weeks

    Social Media Copy

    Starts at $250

    Want to craft content that aligns with what you stand for as a business? Putting your message out there in social media, especially where your ideal tribe hangs out is the way to go

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    Content Writing Services (Starts at $200)

    Thinking that long-form content or blogs will be more of your jam? Not to worry, because I got you in that area as well. Take a look at some of the blogs I wrote for clients, tech companies, and for myself below!

    Read My Works

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    Toxic empathy and ADHD: the vicious cycle of trauma and emotions

    While the term “empath” is chock-full of controversial definitions in today’s internet language, the truth is - empathy isn’t a trait that is exclusive to a select few. Empathy is a skill, and everyone has the capacity to learn and develop it.1 But what happens when you throw ADHD in the mix?

    Can people with ADHD be empathic human beings?

    Are people with ADHD too empathetic?

    Whether you’re a self-proclaimed empath or you’re just really emotional and highly sensitive (extremely valid, by the w
    Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

    ADHD and intense emotions - how to manage emotional dysregulation

    Over 366 million adults are affected by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) globally.1 This neurodevelopmental disorder includes symptoms like: being easily distracted, impulsive behavior, struggling with time management and estimating time (AKA “time blindness”), and frequent forgetfulness — to name a few.

    But one of the most overlooked symptoms of ADHD is emotional dysregulation - a symptom that makes it difficult to rein in intense emotions. While there’s nothing inherently wrong

    5 pieces of advice for gifted adults with ADHD

    Does any of this sound familiar?
    • Being labeled as the “smart kid” in school
    • As an adult, you struggle to keep up with work, relationships, or personal growth, and feel like you’re under-performing in many areas in life
    • Does the sentence, “you had so much potential” ring a bell?

    If you said “yes” or “it’s not just me?” at least once, then you’re also likely familiar with “gifted kid burnout syndrome”.

    And while you may laugh at the painfully relatable memes about it, the truth is that twi
    Photo by Kseniya Buraya on Pexels

    Pop That Cherry | In Defense of Romance Pocketbooks

    The romance genre is often criticized because of its bite-sized nature and is stereotypically said to contribute to the shallowness of young women for it feeds their fantasies.

    What the majority of the reader population perceives is that a form of fiction has to adhere to literary conventions and only skirt themes that cater to “serious” issues. This often excludes women in the narrative and causes for the birth of harmful caricatures of women in fiction because they are expected to fit in the male gaze.

    Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata | A Satire on Female Conventions

    She found sanctuary in a supermarket. Now she’s about to lose it.

    Keiko isn’t normal. At school and university, people find her odd, and her family worries she will never fit in. To make them happy, Keiko takes a job at a newly opened convenience store where she finds peace and purpose in simple daily tasks.

    But in Keiko’s circle it just won’t do for an unmarried woman to spend her time stacking shelves and ordering green tea. As the pressure to find a new job – or worse, a husband – increases
    Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

    Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo Book Review | A Feminist Reportage

    Kim Ji-young is the most common name for Korean women born in the 1980s.

    Kim Ji-young is representative of her generation:

    At home, she is an unfavoured sister to her princeling little brother.

    In primary school, she is a girl who has to line up behind the boys at lunchtime.

    In high school, she is a daughter whose father blames her for being harassed late at night.

    In university, she is a good student who doesn’t get put forward for internships by her professor.

    In the office, she is
    Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels

    How to Grow Your Business & Email List With A Free Challenge

    How to Grow Your Business & Email List With A Free Challenge

    Let me guess, you finally have an online course to show to the world, but you’re afraid to launch it to crickets. Yikes.

    Or maybe your business is a little on a standstill, and you don’t know what to do!

    You know deep down that you’re so ready to share your knowledge and finally stop trading your time for money. But, there’s just so many doubts limiting you from fully committing out there.

    What if no one is going to want your cours
    Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels

    Why Hustling Isn’t The Answer If You Want To Scale

    Why Hustling Isn’t The Answer If You Want To Scale

    Before you continue reading, you better be in a comfy position to give your full attention to what I have to say right now.

    No joke, but this is gonna be a pretty long and bumpy read (that is obviously worth your while *wink*)!

    Well, are you ready?

    You better not be multitasking while reading, girl! I mean, the main purpose of this post is for you to quit hustling after all, right?

    So let me guess, you’re a self-made and developing female e
    Photo by Resource Boy on Pexels

    Ready to get your copy fix and let your braindump sorted out? Hit the button below and I'll see you on the other side!